4 Latest Options to Replace Your Lost Tooth

  • A vibrant white set of teeth is mandatory for a brilliant smile. Besides, maintaining a healthy set of teeth is essential for overall health and wellbeing. Sometimes the absence of a single tooth or multiple teeth can have troubling consequences. One might face immense difficulty while talking or chewing food. If you are suffering from any dental issue, then book an appointment at a dental clinic in Borehamwood without wasting any time. If you have a missing tooth, then consulting a dentist is a must. These days there has been immense development in the field of general dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry. They are able to help in replacing your lost teeth, whiten them and revive the dazzling smile. Here is an overview of the various options to get back your missing teeth.

    The Implant Process

    This is a procedure very much in demand for replacing a lost tooth. This process helps to restore the tooth from the root. In this process, a separate crown is attached to the tooth implant. A successful tooth implant takes sufficient space in the healthy jawbone, and this is important for the anchor implant. The new implant also makes your gum and teeth healthy. The price of dental implantation requires an investment, but if you do it from your trusted dental clinic, then it will be a pleasant experience to get back your missing teeth and will be worth the investment. After the dental implant is done successfully, normal function will return allowing you to talk and eat well again.

    The Fixed Bridge Process

    This is another option to fix your dental issues and reinstate your confident smile. The three-unit fixed bridge is a standard process for tooth replacement. This procedure is also referred to as the fixed bridge process. The dentists fill the gap by preparing the teeth either side to support the false tooth. If you have a gap between your teeth, then you must visit your nearest dental clinic in Borehamwood for a consultation. The option takes less time than standard dental implants.

    Partial Denture Process

    However, if one or more teeth are missing in a single arch, then you can consider a partial denture to replace your teeth. The partial denture is made from an acrylic material, and the cobalt chrome metal framework offers the strength. There are many advantages of partial dentures. If you are consulting a dental clinic in Borehamwood, then you can get the treatment done at a competitive price. This process is less expensive than the fixed bridge or implants process. The only disadvantage of this process is that it might sometimes be a little uncomfortable and some patients feel conscious about wearing dentures.

    Resin-Bonded Bridge Process

    The resin bonded bridge is known as a Rochette Bridge. If you want to replace your front teeth, then you can opt for this procedure. It would be wise to consult your dentist as this option will only work in specific cases. This treatment includes one/two wings attached to your abutment teeth. The process is quite straight forward.