5 Significant Factors that Mostly Influence the Cost of Dental Implants

  • You cannot realize the significance of your teeth unless you lose them. Most of the time, people take their teeth for granted. When they lose them, they find how important they were. However, procedures like dental implants can solve your problem if you lose your tooth and want to get it back. Missing teeth will not just make your smile unsightly, but it can have other health issues as well. Hence, implant it necessary. There are a few factors that determine the cost of dental implants Borehamwood.

    Know the Top Factors that Determine the Cost

    Number of Implants

    How many teeth do you want to replace? The number of implants plays a vital role in determining the cost of the procedure. It is needless to say that replacing several teeth is a costlier matter than the replacement of a tooth. The implant expert will decide whether you will undergo replacement of all the teeth concurrently or you need different sessions.

    Location of Your Teeth

    Depending on the structure of your mouth and the health of your teeth, the implant expert will determine how the implant will be done. The location of the teeth is a vital factor to set the cost of the process. Right adjustment of the teeth is essential to achieve the desired result. If it is the front teeth, then the shape and the positioning has to match with the existing teeth to ensure your smile look natural and beautiful. In this situation, the expert may need to put extra effort with the help of advanced methods which can cost more.

    Requirement of Extraction

    In many cases, the tooth has not yet fallen out, but you need to replace it because of its poor health. In such cases, the dental expert will go for an extraction before the replacement. The cost of that extraction will be an additional expenditure in this matter. You need to count that as well. When you meet the top experts of dental implants Borehamwood, they will suggest you how the entire replacement will be done and what can be the approximate cost of the treatment.

    Bone Density

    If your mouth does not have enough bone density, then the implant will not be successful. There has to be enough bone beneath the root of the teeth to secure the titanium post. If the bone density is low, then you need more preparatory work to be done to give proper support to the implanted structure. Initial bone grafting is necessary in such cases. This will prepare your mouth for the implants. You need to count the cost of this process as well.

    Your Oral Health

    If the patient is suffering from gum ailments or he has other types of oral health issues, then the dental expert will try to treat them before the actual implant is done. These individual initial treatments are necessary to ensure the overall good health of your mouth. The cost of these treatments should be included in your implant process.

    When you meet the top dental implant experts, you should discuss all these matters and ask him to give you an estimation of the cost.