A Few Important Things to Know About Teeth Whitening

  • Teeth whitening is one of the most popular transformative dental treatments right now. It turns the colour of your teeth several shades lighter. Thus, you gain a pleasant opportunity to flaunt a brighter and beautiful smile. This will transform your looks and appearance. At the same time, it will have a striking impact on your personality by boosting your confidence level. Hence, both your professional and personal life could be improved significantly. For these reasons the process of teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular.

    Innumerable ways and products are coming up in the market steadily. Still, it is not wise to pick up any of them without giving it a deep thought. Want to retain the natural whiteness of your teeth? Then visiting the office of an experienced and expert dentist will be wise. There are some really good ones offering teeth whitening in Borehamwood or any location across the UK. Picking up any random product might deteriorate the condition of your teeth drastically. So, it is strongly advisable to visit a renowned dental professional. This will offer a pleasant and practical experience.

    An Overview of how the teeth whitening process works

    What are the elements used in a tooth whitening procedure?

    The teeth whitening formulations are loaded with oxygen molecules, and as they come in contact with the discoloured molecules in the teeth, they are entirely broken down. Thus, the discoloration starts to disappear and the teeth become gradually whiter and as the same process is applied repeatedly over a few days, the teeth get whiter until you feel that they can go no further.

    How should teeth sensitivity be handled?

    Some individuals might come across a little bit of teeth sensitivity issues after undergoing a whitening session. The sensation ranges from mild to intense and is caused due to the teeth losing the hydration. The teeth get rehydrated within a few hours, and then the feeling doesn’t persist any longer.

    The rehydration process closes the pores in your teeth, and thus re-staining of the teeth is prevented. The open pores let the coloured substances seep into the teeth, and therefore they get stained. As the pores are closed, staining is eliminated. The professional dentist offering teeth whitening in Borehamwood to make sure that the process is done correctly and ensures a long-lasting and effective result.

    How many times is it necessary to apply tooth whitening?

    The frequency of the teeth whitening applications ultimately depends on the severity of the stain. The peroxide concentration that is used for the purpose also determines the factor to some extent. Certain conditions such as peroxide concentration or tetracycline stains can also be the factor determining the number of applications. However, if proper oral hygiene is maintained along with specific dietary habits and uses of tobacco and other elements can be minimised then it is less likely that one will need to opt for teeth whitening often. However, a professional dentist will always guide you regarding this and will assess to what extent you need to undergo the process of teeth whitening. Based on their findings, they will schedule a session for you.