All You Need To Know About Tooth Wear Before Visiting A Dentist

  • Enamel is an integral part of your teeth structure. It is the thin outer layer covering your teeth. Though being thin, it is the most rigid tissue in our body. The part of the tooth covering the crown is known as the enamel. It is translucent. Dentine is responsible for the colour of your teeth, like white, grey, off white or yellowish. Your teeth enamel might become stained if you consume fruit juices, coffee, red wine, cigarettes, cola or tea frequently. You can get rid of most surface stains by visiting a hygienist for teeth scaling and polishing at regular fixed intervals.

    What Is The Role Of The Tooth Enamel? What Causes Tooth Wear?

    The enamel is responsible for protecting our teeth while we are chewing, crunching, grinding or biting our food. Though being a hard protector, it can crack or chip. This can result in sensitivity to chemicals and temperature. You can’t repair broken or chipped teeth like a broken bone as it does not have any living cells and this is why teeth need fillings and repair when this happens.

    Tooth wear can also occur due to various other reasons like consuming excessive soft drinks containing citric acid, fruit drinks with acids and lemon/vinegar dressings that can lead to erosion. Low salivary flow or dry mouth, a diet containing starch and sugar in high quantities or acid reflux diseases also contribute to tooth wear. Teeth enamel can also be damaged by factors like grinding (bruxism) and clenching from stress mainly or from TMJ dysfunction syndrome.

    Few Causes Of Tooth Wear


    Dental Attrition is tooth wear occurring due to tooth-to-tooth contact, leading to loss of tooth tissue. It is a physiological process and a regular part of our ageing process. It can also occur involuntarily during sleep.


    It is the physical wear and tear of the tooth enamel. Abrasion can occur if we brush our teeth too hard, bite on hard objects, chew tobacco or follow improper oral hygiene techniques.


    It is the chemical damage of the tooth surface. Some food has a high acidic content, which chemically reacts with the tooth enamel and it wears away over time. Dentists always advise avoiding acidic food and beverages.

    How To Prevent Tooth Wear Caused Due To Plaque?

    Plaque is a sticky film comprising of bacteria, food particles, saliva and other substances. It generally forms between and on the surface of your teeth and can lodge in the fissures on the surface of molars too. Plaque can affect fillings in teeth too where the gums and teeth and cuase decay and wear. Food starches can become acidic due to the presence of bacteria in plaque. Acids damage the healthy minerals in the tooth enamel, so it wears down and become pitted. It is why plaque is considered to be one of the primary causes of tooth wear. Removal of plaque regularly by our gentle hygienist will also help with tooth wear and future cavities too. Never brush after consuming acidic fruit and drinks but rinse your mouth and then allow at least 2 hours before brushing again.

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