Common Signs Indicating That You Need Dental Implants

  • Dental implants are widely preferred for those who have missing teeth. Though you can consider other alternatives like dentures or bridges, a majority of the patients prefer the former.  Not only are they permanent but they have a high success rate. Millions of people get dental implants every year.

    Warning Signs Indicating That You Should Consider  Dental Implants

    • Missing Teeth

    It is one of the most common reasons why people undergo dental implants. Whether you are missing just one or multiple teeth, ignoring the issue is a strict no-no! A gap in your mouth becomes more embarrassing when you smile. Not only will it become a challenge for you to speak and eat but there is even a high chance for you to lose more teeth. Dental implant can make you smile with more confidence. Replace the missing tooth with an artificial one and you don’t have to face any problems while speaking or eating.

    • Loose Denture

    If you think that embarrassing denture slips just happen in the movies, it’s high time you debunk the myth. It is a common issue faced by those with dentures. If you have a loose denture, it may suddenly fall down or rise up. If there is a loose denture in your mouth which feels like a mouthful of plastic or metal thenit’s time you visit Cornerhouse Dental Care for dental implants.

    • Tooth Infection

    Visit a dentist if your tooth has an infection and they will assess how complicated the issue is. They will either try a few procedures to get rid of the infection or advice you to go for a tooth extraction if the tooth cannot be saved. You can then consider dental implants after the tooth extraction. The best way you can replace an infected tooth is with a dental implant. They are very strong due to their composition which makes them as durable as natural teeth. They do need special care after placement but this is just like the special care one should take of natural teeth too. Brush your teeth twice every day for two minutes and use floss or interdental aids. It is also very important to visit the dental hygienist at least yearly or better still every six months.

    • Your Face Is Sinking In

    Jawbone recession is a very common issue after the loss of teeth. As a result, you might get a sunken facial appearance. You will notice that many denture users feel embarrassed when they look in the mirror. The best way to deal with the situation is through dental implants. They will stimulate the jawbone when you bite or chew your food. There should be some bone surrounding the implant so that it remains fixed in place.

    • Broken Or Cracked Tooth

    Though dealing with a cracked or broken tooth can be quite painful, you don’t have to suffer the pain for a long time. You can consider a dental crown if the damage is not quite so severe that the tooth needs to be removed. A dental implant is an option if the tooth has broken or cracked too far and needs to be extracted. Your dentist can explain various reasons why you should choose a dental implant.

    Since you are now aware of the common signs indicating that you need dental implants, make sure you get in touch with the expert dentists at Cornerhouse Dental Care.