How To Prevent Mouth Cancer With Proper Dental Care

  • One of the most common causes of mouth cancer is bad oral hygiene. To prevent mouth cancer, ensure you get proper dental care and avoid using tobacco products. The first step is to visit a reputable dental clinic in Borehamwood for dental check-ups at fixed intervals. Poor oral hygiene and not taking care of your teeth will increase various health risks, including mouth cancer.

    What Is Mouth Cancer?

    It is also known as oral cancer and occurs when some cells in our mouth start growing and spreading abnormally. These abnormal cells can attack other cells, damaging the surrounding tissues. Mouth cancer occurs in the oral cavity which includes the inside of the cheeks, the lips, the tongue and floor of the mouth. If cancer occurs in the back part of the mouth, it is known as throat cancer or Oropharyngeal cancer.

    Common Symptoms Of Mouth Cancer

    People often fail to identify mouth cancer as it looks and feels like common disease of your mouth, throat and lips. It is why you should never ignore a sore in your mouth, especially if you notice that the lump isn’t going away or the sore isn’t healing. Many cancers don’t cause pain so lesions that last a few weeks should be examined by a dentist. Few other common symptoms of mouth cancer are loose teeth, chronic mouth pain, pain in the jaw, problem while chewing or swallowing, chronic bad breath and a lump in the neck.

    Don’t Let Bad Oral Hygiene Lead To Mouth Cancer

    Visit a reputable dental clinic like Cornerhouse Dental Care and their dentists and hygienist will explain how bad oral hygiene can increase the risk of mouth cancer. People are more prone to develop the disease if they chew tobacco and fail to visit their dentist at fixed intervals. They always give good advice on how to follow good oral hygiene like brushing and flossing their teeth at least twice every day and schedule regular dental health checks. You should aim to quit smoking, reduce alcohol use, avoid chewing tobacco and eat a balanced diet.

    If you want to prevent mouth cancer with proper dental care, get in touch with the experienced dentists at Cornerhouse Dental Care. They are renowned for providing the highest quality dental treatments and preventative techniques so you can maintain optimum oral health.