Importance of Regular Dental Checkups and Oral Health Treatment

  • For some people, regular dental checkups and oral health maintenance are not a priority. However, it is necessary to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Dentists recommend going for dental health checkups every six months ideally but at least once a year to avoid potential dental problems and so preventative measures which have been advised previously are reviewed and reinforced.

    Clinical Dental Examination

    Regular dental clinics have two main parts– Examination and Hygiene.

    The dentist will thoroughly check the condition of your teeth and gums for signs of dental disease. X-rays when needed are taken to detect if there is decay or defects under existing fillings and crowns. The bone levels are also checked to be sure that periodontal disease is not progressing if present.The dentist will also check your gums and use specializedprobes to measure the depth and further examine the space between the tooth and the gum. Soft tissues areas inside the mouth and glands outside on the face and neck are also examined. The TMJ joint is checked incase of clicking or soreness.

    The hygienist carries out the scaling and polishing and gives oral health advice on better management of the teeth and gums. If there is a hardened layer of plaque accumulation, called tartar on the teeth surfaces, they will remove it using the latest dental equipment. This is a leading cause of severe periodontal oral diseases.

    Benefits of Regular Dental Checkups and Appointments

    1. Detection of oral cancer

    If not detected and diagnosed at the correct time, a simple dental issue can manifest itself into a severe condition like oral cancer. The disease is life-threatening, and when discovered much later, the efficiency of the treatment remains questionable. With regular dental checkups, your dentist can look for the early signs and symptoms, execute non-invasive treatment techniques to handle the condition effectively. Hence, early detection is the key to treating it successfully.

    2. Check for cavities and plaque buildup

    Even very diligent brushers and flossers can suffer from the problem of cavities and plaque. It can be challenging to get rid of solidified tartar buildup if treatment is neglected. Tartar and plaque erode the teeth and gums,which can cause cavities to gradually start to form. With time, the tooth gets damaged. You can prevent this by going for regular dental checkups.

    3. Gum diseases

    Bad oral health and hygiene might also lead to gum diseases. Extreme plaque and tartar buildup start affecting the gums, leading to severe infections. Also known as gingivitis or the more severe periodontitis, if left untreated, it starts impacting the tissues, thus loosening the tooth roots and can result in tooth loss. The gums become swollen and inflamed with redness. You feel immense soreness and bleeding of the gums. With regular dental checkups, dentists can detect this early and provide solutions accordingly.

    Some other advantages of regular dental visits include:

    • Keep bad habits in check with the dentist’s recommendation
    • Maintain optimal dental hygiene and oral health
    • Detect problems early with x-ray examinations
    • Keep the gum problems at bay
    • Cost-effective and economical method

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