Interested In Teeth Whitening? 4 Benefits Of Custom Whitening Trays

  • Though there are numerous dental clinics offering teeth whitening services scattered all over Borehamwood, choosing the right type of treatment is indeed a daunting task. The best you can do is to talk with an experienced dentist. Discuss your needs with them and they will suggest the most suitable teeth whitening method. One of the methods which has gained much popularity in the last few years is custom tray whitening.

    What Is Custom Tray Whitening?

    If you want to brighten your smile in a hassle-free manner, opt for custom whitening trays. Schedule an appointment with your dentist and they will take accurate measurements of your teeth. The mouldings of your teeth are used to design custom whitening trays. A whitening gel is placed in the tray. You can wear it for short durations during the day or while you sleep at night. Experienced dentists offering teeth whitening in Borehamwood ensure that the custom-made tray is comfortable to wear. Though you have to use custom whitening trays for a longer period of time, the results are very effective in around 2-3 weeks and thereafter the topping up process is easy.

    How Are Custom Trays Made?

    As the name indicates, custom whitening trays are specifically designed to fit the shape of your teeth. The impressions of your teeth are used to make the trays so that they fit your mouth perfectly. There is adequate space in the trays where one would place the required quantity of bleaching gel. The objective is to bleach the front surfaces of your teeth and make them whiter.

    Why Choose Custom Tray Whitening?

    One of the primary reasons why people prefer custom bleaching trays is that they comfortably fit in the mouth and your teeth surfaces get the right amount of bleaching gel. It makes the trays more effective in brightening your smile. They are more impressive than over-the-counter treatment options.

    Importance Of Bleaching Gel

    The primary purpose of the bleaching gel used in custom whitening trays is to remove yellowness from teeth by breaking down the teeth stains. There is no use wearing whitening trays without the bleaching gel. Just using any variety of bleaching gel available in the market won’t help either as some bleaching gels have a very high concentration of bleach which can damage your teeth, gum tissue and lead to extreme tooth sensitivity. The easiest way to avoid these unregulated whitening gels is by approaching a reputed dental clinic offering tray whitening services.

    How To Use Custom Whitening Trays?

    Using custom whitening trays is quite easy once you have been shown but the dentist. Just apply the bleaching gel into the tray evenly and insert it into your mouth. If you are not sure how long you should you let the trays sit inside your mouth, talk with your dentist or go through the bleaching gel manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, it is recommended that the tray sit for a minimum duration of 30/45 minutes or even overnight if this works better for the individual’s routine. The procedure is fairly flexible and options can be discussed with your dentist.

    Since your knowledge about tray whitening has enhanced, this is the right time to start looking for a reputed dental care clinic in Borehamwood offering teeth whitening services.