Recover Fast After Getting Dental Implants With A Few Easy Tips

  • Dental Implants feel and look like natural teeth and can improve your appearance. If there are one or more missing teeth in your mouth, visit a renowned dentist, and they will let you know whether dental implants will be the best solution for your missing teeth.

    Few Tips to Speed Up the Dental Implant Recovery Process

    Know the Recovery Time

    The time it takes for dental implant surgery to heal completely depends on your individual oral conditions. There are a few factors on which the recovery time depends. Your dentist will be able to give you an idea about the recovery time. They will consider the number of teeth extracted and implanted, how fast your body can heal itself depending on your medical status, your oral health and bone structure, and whether bone grafting was required during the surgery. Generally, it takes around 2 to 4 months. You will recover well if you adhere to the care instructions that are advised.

    Stay Prepared for Post-Surgery Bleeding

    Irrespective of the dental implant procedure your dentist is following, some post-surgery bleeding is normal. Don’t worry if you notice a little blood oozing from the site of the dental implants as post-surgery bleeding can occur for 1 or 2 days after the surgery. To reduce the bleeding time, your dentist might place a surgical gauge over the wound. Don’t spit and rinse your mouth for at least 5 hours directly after as this helps with the clotting process, as it can exaggerate the issue. You might also experience bleeding from the nose if the dental implants are in the upper jaw area.

    You Might Experience Swelling

    Swelling is a part of the healing process for almost all oral surgeries. It is how our body protects an area from getting injured. You can expect facial swelling after the surgery if the dentist requires the bone grafting procedure during dental implants. You will notice that your face may startswelling 2-3 days after the surgery. You can expect it to subside within about seven days.

    Follow the tips stated above and get in touch with the experienced dentists at Cornerhouse Dental Care for Dental Implants.