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I have known Dr Neeta Patel since she first qualified as a dentist and she has always looked after my teeth. For a great many years I have always been very self-conscious of my teeth as they were crooked and very congested. This meant that I was not able to clean them properly and also had a habit of putting my hand over my mouth to try to cover them up as I felt embarrassed. Neeta suggested that I could have a brace which would straighten the teeth and also reduce the crowding. At my age ( heading towards the big 50!) I was not sure that I wanted to go ahead with this. However, I decided to go ahead as the Fastbrace System does not take years and it was the best decision I have ever made. In less than a year my teeth are straight and look wonderful. Family and friends cannot believe the difference and instead of covering them with my hand, I now feel confident to smile all the time. Words cannot describe how I now feel. Throughout the whole process Neeta was kind, considerate and always professional. If you are thinking of having braces no matter what your age, don’t hesitate because you will not regret it.

- Vanessa

Dear Neeta Sitting here in front of my pc I am finding it hard to put into words how happy I am with the work you have done on my upper teeth. I used to be extremely conscious of my smile, the turning point for me was when my six year old daughter said one day “daddy your teeth are very yellow”. Knowing how brutally honest children can be I decided it was time to do something about it. Committing to have major dental surgery undertaken is a big decision from a patient perspective. Dentistry to most people including myself is a scary prospect at the best of times, not to mention the cost. From our initial consultation when I stressed my high level of expectation you were impeccably professional and reassuring, which helped me with my ultimate decision to employ you to do the work. Since completion of my treatment I must say that you have exceeded my expectations. My gums and general oral health have significantly improved and the comments from friends and family have been overwhelming. You have made a real difference, now I smile with confidence. Without ranting too much about how highly I regard your ability as a cosmetic dentist I want to close this letter by saying a simple “thank you”. Yours sincerely

- Dean

Dear Ketan With regards to the teeth whitening treatment which I have just completed, I would like to say how pleased I was with how everything went. It was a much easier process than I anticipated and everyone said how well I look – without actually realising just why! Thank you with kind regards

- Anonymous

Dear Neeta I just wanted to say thank you for seeing me at such short notice, it was very kind of you to fit me in. I was quite worried about my teeth so thank you for putting my mind to rest. Best wishes

- Cath

Dear Ketan I am writing to express my thanks for the treatment and all the help connecting with it. I can see a dramatic change to the colour of my teeth after completing the whitening procedure. The treatment was completely painless and I have not experienced any sensitivity or discomfort during or after the 3 week course. Recently I have been receiving lots of compliments from my friends and colleagues and it gives me a lot more confidence to “smile” at people, thanks to you! At the same time I would like to thank all the staff who have been so kind yet so professional. Kind regards

- Miriam

I don’t think that there can be many people who look forward to visiting their dentist – unless of course, they are patients of Neeta! My experience of having cosmetic dentistry in the form of veneers can only be described as an exciting adventure! Neeta had explained in great detail the whole procedure so that I was fully aware of what would happen. Both she and her nurse and all the girls in fact exuded enthusiasm for what they were sure would be a successful outcome. It was! For me, how my teeth look is of paramount importance since I always notice other peoples if they don’t look good. When in conversation it is something you do. I had for some time been self-conscious about the gradual discolouration of my teeth. How interesting it is to consider that the condition and appearance of one’s teeth can be critical to your level of confidence. What I have now is a totally natural look with no obvious evidence of work carried out, except to me. I now look better and an as a result, feel better and am smiling for Britain!

- Susan

Dear Ketan Thank you for your patience and kindness during my excellent dental treatment and thank you for seeing me at such short notice. Kind regards

- Bernard

I had a bridge made and fitted by Neeta along with some crowns, they are all natural looking and the whole process was as comfortable as possible.

- Jeff

To smile with confidence always meant a lot to me, unfortunately last year disaster struck – I lost 2 front teeth that left me with a large empty space in my mouth (space big enough to hold a pipe, should I smoke one!) It was time for Ketan to use his art of dentistry to return a happy smile to my face! Ketan explained fully the treatment and the cost before we agreed to start the restorations. I am pleased to say the result was amazingly good! This year I asked Ketan to improve the rest of my front teeth, the result was perfect! Thank you Ketan for returning my smile which makes me feel even younger than what my birth certificate says! Yours faithfully

- Jaicka

Dear Ketan WOW!! FANTASTIC!! AMAZING!! REMARKABLE!! SENSATIONAL!! There aren’t adjectives to describe how pleased I am with the work you have done on my teeth. I NOW HAVE THE PERFECT SMILE. Ever since I can remember I always hated my teeth, I used to smile behind my hand because I was always so self-conscious of how bad they looked. As much as I wanted something done, I was so worried and nervous about actually doing anything about it. All my worries and concerns were so quickly put aside, the staff were so friendly and I was put at ease immediately. Everyone was amazed at the result, everyone saw my PERFECT SMILE before I was given the mirror to look myself. Had I been in the room on my own, I truly believe I would have burst out crying. The atmosphere and surroundings of the surgery are first class, I was even allowed to listen to my own CD. One of my main concerns in the beginning was that my teeth would look false. How wrong I was about this – they look amazing, not false at all. I was also worried about it being painful. Again how wrong I was – apart from a little sensitivity, I had no pain at all. I cannot thank you enough for firstly being a great dentist, but also for giving me the opportunity to have this work done. You put me at ease from our first meeting and considering I hated going to the dentist, I can’t believe I have had all this work done WITHOUT ANY PAIN. Please also thank your staff who are amazing, your efficient and friendly receptionist who was also very understanding and helped with regard to the financial side, your kind and caring nurse who went out of her way to make all my visits as pleasant as possible. Thank you so much once again, I cannot express how grateful I am to you. With the kindest of regards

- Andrea

My snoring had become a real family issue, apart from keeping my family awake, I had realised that I was actually disturbing my own sleep. I was waking myself up in the night, having a dry mouth and feeling tired in the morning. After talking through the problem with Neeta she recommended a solution that looked a bit like a gum shield, to be worn at night. The resultant mouth guard was amazing, it took some getting used to and was a bit uncomfortable at first, but now it is easy to fit and the results have been truly astounding, I have a god night’s sleep and so do my family! I would recommend this solution to any snorer, it is a life changer. I would also recommend Cornerhouse as their expertise and skill in providing this solution and fitting it for me has made a big difference to my life, it has been a very good investment. Yours faithfully

- Paul

Dear Ketan I was both surprised and delighted to find you had sent me an M&S voucher for recommending my daughter and my partner to your practice; it was a lovely thought, you have a great practice and I am pleased to recommend my family and friends. Kind regards

- Susan

Dear Neeta Thank you for all your hard work, I have my new bridge! You are a very kind person and the best dentist I know. Best wishes

- Lynn

Dear Ketan I am writing to thank you for the wonderful way in which you fixed an implant to replace a lower tooth for me. I am glad to say I have had no problems and have gradually adjusted to eating without a missing tooth! I appreciate the professional yet friendly care you provided throughout the process and I am delighted with the result. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of having an implant. Yours sincerely

- Harish

Dear Ketan and staff Thank you so very much for my dental treatment. You are all so kind and caring. Kind wishes

- Doreen

Dear All I would just like to thank you for my gift card, it was a lovely surprise. I will happily recommend your practice to my friends and family. I now find coming to the dentist a much more relaxed and friendly experience. Kind regards

- Faye

Dear Ketan I just wanted a say a MASSIVE thank you for all the dental work you have carried out on me. I’ve been so impressed with both the service and treatment I received. Everyone at Cornerhouse has been so friendly and welcoming and made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease right from the start. Not to mention flexible seeing as I’m not the best person with time keeping and gave you all a bit of a tight deadline to work to – thanks again for fitting me in and hurrying things along so much for me! I had been thinking about whitening my teeth and closing my gap with veneers for a long time and if I knew it would have been this easy and painless I would have had it done ages ago. I was so worried about my teeth looking natural after the treatment, but I have received so many compliments on how good they look. People can’t tell that I have veneers as they look just like real teeth ... which is just the look I wanted. My family and friends have all said that they have noticed me being more confident and smiling loads which is so positive to hear. Everything was explained fully to me and every question I had was answered completely. I have been so amazed with the results of the work and with the helpfulness and friendliness of all the staff at your practice. Everything has far exceeded all my expectations. I would urge anyone reading this who is contemplating treatment to go for it as I know that they could never be disappointed with any work they have done at your practice. Thanks again to you and your wonderful team

- Rosie

Dear Neeta I would like to say thank you very much for all your kindness and consideration during my recent course of treatment. I am very grateful for the fact that whenever I come to Cornerhouse, you always put me at ease. Thank you once again

- Cath

Dear Ketan Many thanks for all the hard work you put into my new smile! Thank you

- Ofra

Dear Ketan Many thanks for all the help you have given to us both.

- Glyn and Mary

I have just had an implant fitted. When the procedure was prescribed to me I admit to being a little sceptical in that the description indicated that this was a straight forward operation and yet to me it seemed very invasive. In actual fact the procedure was much less painful and traumatic than i thought it would be and I am very pleased with the final result. Kind regards

- Karen