Things To Know Before You Choose Invisalign Treatment

  • Sometimes, the easiest way you can get a beautiful smile is with Invisalign treatment. Theyare now more popular than traditional braces as they are easier to clean. You don’t even have to visit the dental office often to tighten the wires and rubber bands. Since invisible aligners are removable, you can eat and drink whatever you want without any hassle.

    Your dentist will also let you know the various benefits of choosing Invisalign instead of fixed braces. Choose the right dental clinic offeringInvisalign.

    Undergoing Invisalign Treatment? Few Things You Should Know

    • Be Sure About The Treatment

    If you want to straighten your teeth and close gaps, you will have two options to choose from. One is Invisalign treatment and the other is traditional braces. It is quite normal for you to become confused as you are looking for a treatment option for your teeth. Instead of thinking too much about the various aspects of the treatment, you should talk with yourdentist. Know whether you are the right candidate for the treatment before jumping to any conclusions.

    • It Is Fast And Efficient

    If you think that the only reason why you should choose Invisalign instead of traditional braces is that the former offers more aesthetic benefits, it’s high time you debunk the myth. It is a good option to straighten your teeth without feeling conscious of wearing fixed braces. It can offer fast effectiveresults in most simple/medium cases where it may only take around 6-8months on average. This all depends on good compliance.

    • You Might Experience Some Discomfort

    ThoughInvisalign looks smoother and sleeker than metal braces, they too bring some degree of discomfort although this is easily tolerated and only last a day when the new retainers are changed each week. Even if you choose the best dental clinic for the treatment, you may experience some discomfort. How easily you can adapt to the aligners and how well you can tolerate pain diffes from person to person. If you are allergic to plastic, discuss it with your dentist and they will consider it when fabricating the invisible trays.

    • The Trays Are Custom-Made

    Choose Cornerhouse Dental Care for Invisalign treatment and you can rest assured that the plastic trays are custom-made according to the shape of your mouth and teeth. Dentists know that everyone’s gumline is different and they design the aligners accordingly. They will scan your mouth using the latest scanners or take impressions depending on the case and create a series of aligners within a few weeks.

    • You Might Have To Make Changes In Your Diet

    Dentists generally advise patients to wear the aligners for around 22 hours every day. This will mean a slight change in how you manage your dietary needs when it comes to eating and drinking. It is easy to adapt to the aligners and make modifications.

    • You Will Have to Brush More

    It is not only about your teeth, you also have to brush and rinse your aligners every time you take them out. This will prevent food residue from getting trapped between your teeth and the aligners. Not only will it become uncomfortable for you but also compromise your dental hygiene.Get in touch with the experienced dentists at Cornerhouse Dental Care in Elstreefor Invisalign treatment.