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Teeth Whitening

Home whitening

A whitening gel is placed in a custom-made tray which is worn for short periods during the day or even while you sleep.The tray is comfortable to wear and we do advise that whitening is carried out each day once you start to achieve the best results.

Results are normally seen after 2 weeks but will vary from person to person. Sometimes it will take a little longer and we always like to review and take before and after photos to monitor progress.

Regular topping up thereafter is recommended to maintain the result. We can advise which regular intervals are best for you.


Oral-B 3DWhite Whitestrips

These are the very latest in effective whitening and stain removal. They are thin, flexible strips which have been coated with a special tooth whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide. This whitens the teeth and will also simultaneously remove everyday stains which may be caused by coffee,smoking or wine.

The individually foil-packaged strips are easy to apply and designed to conform to the shape of both the upper and lower teeth and only need to be worn for one hour a day for 14 days. It is a 28-count pack.

Results will vary from person to person but patients can start to see a discernible result after just 7 days with generally full whitening on completion.