The Cerezen™️ Device

A revolutionary new medical device that effectively treats jaw pain and the symptoms associated with teeth grinding

We are offering a revolutionary new medical device that effectively treats jaw pain and the symptoms associated with teeth grinding and clenching at the nearest access point- the ear canal.

As the shape of the ear canal changes during chewing, smiling and speaking the device when placed in the ear canal encourages the patient to favour the ‘open bite’ position and this minimizes the tendency to clench the jaw and surrounding muscles. The science behind the Cerezen™️ device is to do with the ear canal as it is so close to the Temporomandibular joint, the TMJ, which also opens and closes like the ear canal.

The two custom made devices are 3D printed hollow inserts which sit in each ear canal. They are discrete and easy to insert and remove due to small tabs attached to them and as they are custom made they are comfortable to wear.

Biofeedback to the brain gradually stops the habit and the result is a reduction in the grinding and clenching and the subsequent relief of pain.

The pain relief Cerezen™️ provides can be life changing especially for those people who suffer badly.

Bruxism which is the term we use for teeth grinding can cause wear and damage to teeth and restorations and also to the underlying structures.

Symptoms include:

Pain in the chewing muscles and jaw joint with clicking or popping which in turn can cause lock jaw or limited jaw movement. Neck pain, ear aches, headaches and migraines are also some of the symptoms.

Impressions of the ear canal are taken by our audiologist, Gisele Flower, and the devices can be made in 14 days. The wearing of the devices is gradually built up until they become comfortable. They can be worn all day if required but need to be taken out when swimming, showering and to clean.

The traditional treatment has always been to provide a bite splint (nightguard) which can be uncomfortable to wear but this new and innovative treatment is a fantastic solution. We are seeing amazing results!

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