Using Custom Whitening Trays Is Now Easier

  • If you want a smile several shades lighter, visit a reputable dental clinic in Borehamwood, offering teeth whitening services. They have experienced dentists who will consider how discolored your teeth have become before suggesting a suitable tooth whitening solution. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for custom-fitted whitening trays. The effects of the whitening gel will get you a sparkling smile in no time.

    Choose A Reputable Dental Clinic For Custom Whitening Trays

    Though you can choose from numerous clinics for teeth whitening services, look for someone reputable for custom-fitted whitening trays. The trays are made of the highest standards with suitable reservoirs so that you can get complete whitening gel coverage without much overflow. A whitening gel is placed in the custom-made tray and worn for short periods during the day or even while you sleep. If you want to make the most of teeth whitening in Borehamwood,then knowing the right technique to use the whitening trays is very important.

    Few Steps To Follow When Using Custom Whitening Trays

    • Brush your teeth properly before using the kit as plaque or pieces of food between your teeth can interrupt the whitening process, and you might not get the desired result.
    • Place a small amount of whitening gel in the lower compartment of the tray. How much gel you should put in each tray depends on the size of each tooth. Using the right amount of gel is a must so you can reap all the benefits and prevent the gel from overflowing.
    • Make your teeth dry so you can make the most of the whitening gel. You can use a piece of tissue to pat them dry.
    • After applying the whitening gel into the trays, place them on your teeth. If the excess gel comes in contact with the gums, remove them with a cloth or your finger. Some of the whitening gel might foam up, and you may have to spit to remove it from your mouth.
    • You have to wear the tray for around an hour or so, after which the gel loses its strength. You might experience tooth sensitivity if you wear the tray for a long period. If you do experience sensitivity then use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth while you are doing the whitening process.

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