What To Look For In An At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

  • Are you interested in brightening your smile from the comfort of your home? Read our article to learn what to look for in a good at home teeth whitening kit.

    Your teeth are important. 

    They change the way you look. And without them, it’s pretty hard to chew your food.

    Your teeth and your mouth are also important for your overall health. And doctors and scientists are beginning to realize that gum disease is even a predictor of chronic conditions

    So, taking care of your teeth and your mouth will help you live a longer and healthier life.

    But your teeth aren’t always as white as you would like them to be. 

    In fact, 32% of people say they are concerned with the whiteness of their teeth. But 90% request teeth whitening procedures from their dentist. (So, you decide who’s telling the truth.)

    Many factors could be responsible for teeth stains.

    Foods with dark colors or high acidity. Tea/Coffee and Smoking. Poor dental hygiene. 

    Sometimes it’s something you can’t control, like age or genetics.

    But whatever your reason for wanting whiter teeth, you’re probably wanting to know which out of the plethora of products you should choose.

    Well, we’ve got some advice on what to look for. And we hope that by the end of this article, you can better know how to choose an at home teeth whitening kit.

    1. What To Look For In An At Home Teeth Whitening Kit:

    Each at home teeth whitening kit has its benefits and its negatives.

    If you notice, there is a wide range of prices. And there is a wide range of methods. 

    Choosing the right method of teeth whitening is important in getting the best results.

    Rinses And Pastes

    There are products out there that will have marginal effects on your teeth whiteness. 

    Products like rinses and toothpaste might remove some stains daily, but results come only after a long period of time and some toothpastes can also be too abrasive over this time if used daily.

    These will remove stains that have happened within the last day or so. If you drink wine or coffee, use a whitening toothpaste or rinse afterward can help to remove any stains on your enamel.

    The Most Effective Methods

    But the main at home teeth whitening kits use one of two methods: Strips and Trays.

    Strips have a thin layer of gel impregnated on the surface which stays on the teeth for 60 minutes. They are easy to apply and remove and two weeks supply are provided in each pack. We supply the Oral B 3D strips here at Cornerhouse Dental Care.

    The most effective method, according to reviews, is the Tray Whitening method.  

    These are also easy to use. You fill the tray with the gel and place it against your teeth for 60 minutes too.

    The trays look a lot like mouthguards. And those who use them report little discomfort.

    1. Choose According To Your Pain Tolerance

    If you have sensitive teeth, know that at home teeth whitening kits can cause sensitivity issues.

    You are putting chemicals directly on your teeth. 

    Read reviews carefully. Some at home teeth whitening kits have more reported side effects than others.

    Also, pay attention to the amount of peroxide in the solution.

    Peroxide is a kind of bleach. And the stronger the solution, the less time you should keep the gel on the teeth.

    If you keep the gel on longer than suggested, your teeth will dehydrate. This will result in increased tooth sensitivity.

    1. How Much Time Do You Want To Spend?

    Some treatments are more time consuming than others.

    Time is valuable. And if you have to spend hours of your week attending to your teeth, is it worth it? The answer to that is up to each individual.

    But know how much time you will have to devote to your at home teeth whitening kit before you put down the money.

    Toothpaste and mouth rinses will be the least time-consuming. They only need two minutes a day to work.

    But remember, these are the least effective.

    Gel strips will take 30-60 minutes per day. And the treatment lasts two weeks.

    The most effective method, tray kits, take anywhere between 30-90 minutes each day. And the treatment is longer lasting and easy to top up thereafter which is recommended by purchasing the individual gels only.

    The bleach and UV light method is a one time deal. This is one of the reasons why it’s a dentist preferred in-house operation. It can take two hours to complete and then tray whitening is advised thereafter too.

    Remember, none of these methods will keep your teeth white forever. You will re-stain your teeth. So you need to factor that into your purchasing decision as well.

    1. Price

    Of course, we can’t all have infinitely deep pockets like Bill Gates. But some of us have more money than others.

    If you’re on an extremely tight budget, you might only be able to afford rinses and pastes.

    These at home teeth whitening kits are the cheapest option. But, as we said before, they’re the most ineffective.

    Gel strips are the least expensive of the more effective methods. You won’t spend more than £75 on these at a time.

    Tray kits are the mid-range method as far as price goes. You will probably spend around £150-250.

    1. Taste

    Of course, this is the least important. You certainly don’t want the paste to taste like sewer water. 

    But you’re only going to have the gel or rinse there for a short period of time.

    Again, check reviews. Taste is a very memorable experience and people will say so. Some gels also come in nice flavours.

    Ask your friends which they like and what experience they have had with at home whitening kits.


    At home teeth whitening kits are a great way to combat teeth stains. See your dentist for their professional opinion on what is available to get your bright smile!

    Contact us at Cornerhouse Dental Care to set up an appointment.