• Regular Teeth Cleaning Is Important For Overall Health

    Getting your teeth clean is more than about having fresh breath. Read here to learn why regular teeth cleaning is good for your overall health.

    You’re not just risking your smile when you skip your regular teeth cleaning. 

    According to experts, getting a regular dental health checkup could cut your risk of developing heart disease. Poor dental health has also been linked to a higher risk of diabetes and numerous infections. 

    Unfortunately, many have had bad experiences with their dentist, or fear a dental visit so much that they pass on the regular teeth cleaning and hygiene appointment too.

    The bad news is missing your regular teeth cleaning won’t just affect your confidence and beauty. Skipping out on your dental care means running the risk of major health complications. 

    Healthy teeth and gums are the keys to good health.

    The good news is, with a trusted team of dental specialists you can start caring for your teeth and gums immediately. There are ways to lose the fear of your dentist too. 

    You don’t have to run the risk of performing costly dental work on yourself and ruining your health in the process. Cornerhouse Dental Care are here to help.

    Your overall health depends on great dental care. We’ll show you how. 

    We’ve put together a list of reasons why regular teeth cleaning is important for your overall health.

    Let’s find out how to get healthier starting now:

    Teeth Cleaning Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

    It may be hard to believe, but regular teeth cleaning can lower your risk of heart disease. 

    A study in 2013 revealed that people who had their teeth cleaned by a dentist or hygienist twice or more over two years had a 24 percent lower risk of heart disease and 13 percent lower risk of a stroke. 

    The research surveyed 100,000 participants.

    The same bacteria found in the mouth have also been found in the hearts of people with coronary disease. The link between the two is believed to be gum and periodontal disease. 

    Lower Risk of Pneumonia and Chest Infections 

    Your heart and respiratory health are greatly helped by regular teeth cleaning.

    You can also lower your chances of contracting pneumonia or a bacterial infection with proper dental care.

    Research proves that poor oral health has been associated with respiratory diseases. As “bacterial chest infections are thought to be caused by breathing in fine droplets from the throat and mouth into the lungs.”

    This can cause respiratory infections like pneumonia. It could also worsen existing respiratory conditions.

    A higher mortality rate from pneumonia has also been reported in “people with higher numbers of gum problems.”

    Decreases Risk of Cancer

    According to scientific evidence, poor periodontal health has been linked to cancer. In studies, chronic infections and inflammation have increased the risk of cancer development.

    Preventing your risk of cancer is a major component of maintaining good health. Reports show that Britain has the worst cancer survival rates in western Europe.

    Missing regular teeth cleaning can increase your risk of many diseases. You can even risk your baby’s health at the same time. 

    You’ll Have a Healthier Baby 

    One of the most heartbreaking side effects of poor dental health is the impact it can have on pregnant mothers. 

    Women with gum disease risk the safety of their unborn child. Poor oral health can lead to lower birth weight and premature births, according to scientists. 

    There have even been reported cases where oral bacteria have led to an unborn baby’s death.

    Maintaining great dental health can protect your family’s health too. 

    You Can Slow Down Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

    Do you or a loved one suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s? Caring for dental health is critical in these situations.  

    Recent studies show that Alzheimer’s patients with gum disease experience faster cognitive decline than people with better dental health.

    The data is shocking. The research shows that “participants with gum disease had a six-fold increase in the rate of cognitive decline.

    Helps Prevent A Variety of Other Ailments Too                  

    If cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes weren’t reason enough, research suggests poor dental hygiene is linked to a number of other ailments as well. 

    These ailments include:

    • rheumatoid arthritis
    • bowel cancer
    • asthma

    Recent studies have made significant links to overall health and the role of your dental wellness. Your mouth, gums, and teeth provide an amazing diagnostic tool to reveal other issues to your wellbeing. 

    In addition, taking care to maintain your dental health regularly significantly decreases the health impacts of poor dental health and gum disease. 

    You don’t have to do it alone. A great hygienist can help. 

    Your Hygienist Will Help 

    Beyond the health benefits, your teeth cleaning will offer in maintaining great oral health, your hygienist will also instruct you in proper dental care at home. 

    In between regular visits you will have a safe, practical home care routine to perform. This will also decrease the risks of health issues and make your regular dental visits more enjoyable. 

    When combined with home care, your regular dental visits will help keep gum disease away. And all the problems that can come along with poor dental health. 

    You’ll be saving money on costly medical treatments and corrective dental surgeries too. Plus, your teeth and smile will look amazing. 

    Cornerhouse Dental can help you have your best smile ever. 

    Just Look At You Smile

    Your teeth will look great when you receive regular teeth cleaning. You’ll also be smiling at the many health benefits quality dental care can provide. 

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    We help our patients maintain optimum oral health every day.

    Cornerhouse Dental Care can help you look your best. And we are happy to discuss any improvements you may wish to make to your smile.

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    Our professional team can help. Don’t wait another day to take care of your smile.  
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