5 Qualities that make a good dental hygienist in Borehamwood

A dental hygienist carries out extremely important tasks like the cleaning and flossing of the teeth, as well as the screening of patients. They help the dentist by reviewing the dental and health history of the patient. Besides, they also take X-rays and apply preventive care. 

A hygienist needs to be qualified, skilled and trained. But what exactly are the qualities of a good dental hygienist in Borehamwood? Let’s find out.

A positive person with good communication skills:

A dental hygienist should be optimistic, energetic and friendly. They must be balanced people with great communication skills, as they have to speak to several patients throughout the day. They help patients by answering every question and giving advice regarding oral health and hygiene.

Patience in dealing with all kinds of patients:

Yes. Much patience and compassion are needed to relax people who are stressed, afraid and suffering from excruciating pain. Hygienists have to be highly patient when handling children experiencing serious dental problems. They often find themselves answering the same questions and explaining the same things repeatedly.

Pay attention to detail:

A good dental hygiene specialist must be detail-oriented and possess the skill of multitasking in a fast-paced environment. They need to pay attention to the smallest details and resolve the biggest dental issues to make their patients feel at ease and ensure they have a beautiful smile on their faces.

Sturdy & Passionate:

A dental hygienist’s job requires physical stamina and passion. If they are passionate about oral and general health, they can leave a long-lasting impact on the patients’ minds in a positive way. Also, a great amount of stamina is needed as they constantly have to be on the move throughout the day.

Know their job well:

Hygienists should love their job and know their job well. There is very less room for errors as far as this profession is concerned. A mix of a steady hand and gentle touch separates an ordinary dental hygiene specialist from a good one.

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