5 Reasons For Considering Teeth Whitening In Borehamwood

Do yellowish teeth lower your self-esteem? Instead of worrying about the dull colours of your teeth, you now have ample options for getting them fixed. Approach a renowned dental clinic for teeth whitening in Borehamwood. It is a branch of cosmetic dentistry which has grown popular over the years. People nowadays are very particular about their beauty and aesthetics. Hence, teeth whitening is a common and easy treatment to allow you to flaunt a bright smile.

What does a professional home teeth whitening treatment include?

You can always try brightening the smile using pastes and homemade products. However, they are neither long-lasting nor effective. Hence for 100% results visiting a professional dentist is a must.

The treatment depends on the amount of damage that has been done to the enamel of the teeth. If the discolouration is minor, then repeated flossing and maintaining hygiene will surely work. However, for complete discolouration, professionals prefer using bleaching treatments.

What are the reasons for teeth whitening treatment?

Here are a few reasons why teeth whitening is the best treatment for a bright smile.

Safe process

Hydrogen or carbamide peroxide is used during the teeth whitening treatment. The excess amount might damage the same. Hence instead of trying it at home, visiting a dentist is more feasible. They will use the amount required without causing any harm to the gums and teeth enamel.

Improves oral hygiene

The teeth whitening process helps improve the oral hygiene of the mouth, and the brightness as the whitening removes the stains on the teeth as well as improves the discolouration. Regular hygiene is still very important to reduce the levels of tartar which can still build up.

Durable results

When done professionally, it lasts for along time. You don't need to visit the clinic now and then for dental treatment. Topping up the whitening can be done easily at home. You can be assured that your teeth will remain white for a long time.

Effective outcomes

It is an effective process with 100% results. You'll notice a change in the colour and texture of the enamel as soon as the teeth whitening treatment has been completed. Even when you drink or eat, you'll not see any changes in your bright teeth.

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