Are Bleeding Gums Normal? Visit A Dentist For More Details

Do you often find blood while brushing your teeth? Are bleeding gums normal? Not necessarily. Gums should not bleed. Especially if you're experiencing the bleeding for along time, then it is essential, not a normal situation. If the bleeding occurs very rarely, then there are, as such, no problems with your gum. However, booking an appointment with a qualified professional practising dentistry in Bushey is necessary.

In most cases, you're facing gum bleeding because of infections or gum disease.

Why are bleeding gums not normal?

According to dentists, continuous bleeding from the gums is a sign of gingivitis in most cases. This is a condition which occurs due to unhealthy dental conditions. If you do not properly maintain dental hygiene, bacteria will grow around the gums. The continuous and long-term infestation of bacteria causes gingivitis. Initially, you'll encounter bad breath situations; later, this will turn into a bleeding gums problem.

What are the causes of bleeding gums?

Wrong brushing technique

In the quest to keep the teeth clean, sometimes people use the wrong brushing technique. If you also use the wrong types of brushes, there is a high probability that you'll damage the gums, leading to profuse bleeding.

Occurrence of scurvy

A severe shortage of vitamin C in your body can lead to scurvy, which also gives rise to bleeding gums. Vitamin C is responsible for new tissue growth and repairing damaged tissues. However, this healing process is impossible with low Vitamin C levels.

Probability of leukaemia

If the dentist confirms that there is no issue with your teeth, then there's a high probability that the bleeding gums might occur due to leukaemia. Patients who have leukaemia have a lower platelet count. This makes it harder for your body to stop bleeding.

High diabetes level

If you have a high type 2 diabetes level, your gums will bleed often. The gum will be affected by germs and infections, and diabetes will reduce the immunity power of the gums. High blood sugar levels make it difficult for the body to heal completely. Hence, when you encounter any problem in the gums, your bleeding will not stop.

Probability of periodontitis

If you're affected with gingivitis and do not get it treated instantly, it can lead to periodontitis and give rise to a bleeding gum condition. Visit your dentist as soon as possible for the remedies; otherwise, your teeth might be damaged for a lifetime.

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