With temperatures continuously dropping in winter, people should stay prepared for the dry air and biting wind to take a toll on their skin. You will also become prone to develop common dental problems. You can avoid those by maintaining good oral hygiene and visiting a reputable dental clinic at fixed intervals. Their dentists will assess your dental condition and share a few tips to keep your mouth healthy throughout the season.

The Common Dental Problems During Winter And How To Avoid Them

Cold Sores

The small blisters around your lips and mouth are known as cold sores. Generally, they are caused by a virus. Seasonal ailments like colds and fever and the cold weather can trigger their appearance. You can reduce the chances of cold sore breakouts during winter by keeping the area surrounding your mouth and your lips moisturised. Your dentist might also advice you to use a lip balm. Wash your hands often to keep bacteria and viruses away from your mouth.

Canker Sores

The harsh dry weather during winter increases the chances of canker sores. There are the soft tissues in our mouth that become prone to infections and injuries. Our mouth gets rid of the bacteria and food particles using saliva. Dry air reduces saliva generation in our mouth, so canker sores get aggravated. Exposing our mouth to spicy and acidic food can also develop sores, so avoiding them during winter is highly advisable. You can ease painful symptoms by rinsing your mouth with warm salty water.

Chapped Lips

If you enjoy outdoor activities during winter, you will end up exposing your mouth to cold, wind and sun. Cold weather can dry out the thin lip skin. You can apply petroleum jelly to soothe cracked and dry lips. Apply a lip balm containing sunscreen to protect your lips from further damage from bright sunshine too during these months.

Dry Mouth

Less moisture in the air means less saliva production and your mouth will start feeling dry. Dry mouth is a common oral health issue and winter dryness can worsen it. If you want to maintain good oral hygiene and avoid a dry mouth, drink a lot of water and it will help keep your mouth hydrated.

You can avoid dental problems in winter by following the good oral hygiene tips stated above and visiting the dentists at Cornerhouse Dental Care.



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