Braces Vs Aligners - Which Should You Opt and Why?

The choice between aligners and braces is a completely personal decision. Aligners are made of plastic, whereas braces are made of porcelain. Apart from this strikingly visible difference, there's more to it. However, both aligners and braces serve the same purpose of treating orthodontic problems. If your teeth are misaligned, first visit a professional dentist. Let them look into the matter and help you decide which would work best for you.

For both aligners and braces in Borehamwood, consulting renowned dentists is essential. They have good experience and certification to deal with these issues. You'll get the right set of suggestions from them.

Check out the differences between both before you decide on the feasible treatment option.

Difference between aligners and braces - Know in details

What are aligners?

If you don't want the world to know you're wearing something on your teeth, aligners are your best call. They are clear and can be fitted custom in your teeth. Moreover, unlike braces, aligners don't restrict dietary requirements. You can easily remove your aligner and eat. Orthodontics believe that aligners are a hygienic option because you can remove them during flossing and brushing your teeth. Generally, a well-fitted aligner will not touch your lips and cheek walls. So, when you're talking, you will not even recall wearing aligners.

What are braces?

Braces serve the same purpose as the aligners. Unlink aligners, and you can have ample options for braces. There are metal braces with different colour ranges. You can also try out the porcelain braces, which are more discreet compared to the metal ones. However, hygiene is a major challenge if you opt for braces. If you cannot clean the braces properly, they might get damaged with time. Moreover, they are not invisible. You can see braces; however, if you're comfortable, you can flaunt them without any issues.

In most cases, the cost of aligners is more compared to braces. Hence this factor plays an important role for patients. They need to decide the benefits received against the cost that has been charged. Moreover, braces remain fixed to the teeth. You can remove them. So it is impossible to lose or damage the same. With aligners, you'll always be in fear of losing the same.

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