People start developing dental fear and anxiety when they are children and things might worsen if you fail to address them early. You can easily prevent dental fear in your child by scheduling their first dental visit. Their experience at the dental clinic in childhood will determine how they feel about dental visits for the rest of their life. We recommend the first visit to be between ages 18mths -2years of age as most of the teeth should have erupted by then unless there is an issue that as a parent you maybe concerned about when we are always happy to help.

Importance Of The First Dental Visit

A common childhood illness is tooth decay. If you want to prevent cavities, this is the right time to take them to a dental clinic. Your child will get an idea about how they can take care of their teeth and gums. The dentist will make a strong foundation for their oral health. They will first examine the condition of your child’s teeth and explain to them the importance of oral health. They customize their services in such a way so that your child feels safe and comfortable.

The Right Time To Take Your Baby To The Dentist

The right time to schedule their first dental appointment is as soon as their first tooth appears or more ideally when most if the teeth are present but generally by at least 2 years of age. If you ignore their dental visit or delay the appointment, it will impact their oral health. You will be surprised to know that numerous children develop their first cavity even before they turn four. The best way to avoid it is by scheduling their first dental appointment at an early age. Once they develop good habits, you can rest assured of healthy teeth and gums so your child can speak and chew comfortably.

Ready To Prepare Your Child For Their First Dental Visit?

It is the responsibility of the parent and the dentist to ensure that the child feels safe and comfortable during the dental visit. You should stay calm and avoid using words that might frighten the child. If the child feels relaxed during their dental visit, they will feel excited about the next appointment. Your child will develop a positive outlook towards dental care if you get in touch with the experienced and super friendly dentists at Cornerhouse Dental Care.



Great practice and great service I would highly recommend.


Caring professional dental staff. Have been visiting for many years with my husband and children and since previous dentist retired. Feel Confident for my grandchildren to now attend.


I have been going to corner house for many years. A wonderful environment, and wonderful people. Everyone is so kind and warm.


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