Dental Implant Vs. Bridges - Know Which is a Better Option For You

Most adults aged 35to 45 years face tooth decay problems. Unhealthy eating habits, unhygienic brushing techniques and age are the major contributing factors behind decayed teeth. If a tooth is damaged, it must either be repaired or removed completely. If you leave the damaged teeth unattended, they might decay the tooth beyond any repair provisions.

Under such circumstances, what do you need? Dental implants are a rather serious treatment process. On the contrary, you might have heard of bridges. It is a non-surgical process and can easily fix teeth. However, both types of treatment have their own set of pros and cons.

It is the dentist who can decide the best option. To know the same, read on.

What are dental bridges? Know their pros and cons

Dental bridges are a non-invasive process and are usually covered by insurance. You don't need to fear bone grafting or tooth surgery if you opt for dental bridges. Usually, a visit or two is sufficient to get dental bridge treatment.

However, the longevity of a dental implant is long. Hence they might get damaged fast and will need replacement now and then. Moreover, with a dental bridge treatment, you will not regain the tooth's natural appearance. However, they are an affordable option. Ensure you keep checking after you've got a dental bridge. If the same has been damaged, fix it before the bridge leads to damaging the adjoining teeth as well.

What is a dental implant? Know the pros and cons

Dental implants are long-lasting options. Unlike bridges, you can retain the natural look of your teeth with implants. However, all dental implants may not be covered by insurance. Moreover, the process of dental implantation might take months to get completed. Hence, if you can spare time, it is advisable to have dental implantation done.

Moreover, unlike bridges, implants are a surgical process. Make sure you visit a professional and experienced orthodontist for the treatment. Otherwise, you might face complications after surgery as well. If your dental implant gets damaged, it will not affect the adjoining teeth.

In simple terms, dental implants are an economical option. They will stay longer, cause no damage and give you good value for your money.

For proper dental implants and bridges, approach Cornerhouse Dental Care. We can help you with orthodontic, restorative and dental problems. To know more, check our website.



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