First appearances matter, don’t let yellow teeth create a bad first impression on others. Not everyone is aware of the fact that the colour of your teeth can also reflects the health of the teeth. If you notice that your teeth have become yellowish, visit a reputable dental clinic and the dentist or hygienist can let you know whether your yellow teeth shows signs of poor oral hygiene or other more concerning dental issues. Since everyone wants whiter teeth, you should never ignore the importance of the oral care routine.

Why Is The Translucency And Thickness Of Your Teeth Enamel Important?

The surface of your tooth is known as enamel and has a natural white hue. The underlying layer is known as dentin and has a slight yellowish tinge. You can see the yellowish hue through the enamel. Your dentin will be more visible if your teeth enamel is more translucent or thinner. In some people, yellow teeth are quite normal as it is due to their genetics. But if you still feel that your yellowish teeth are making a negative impact on your life, visit a reputable dental clinic for teeth whitening services.

Can Your Lifestyle Make Your Teeth Yellowish?

Though genetics can play a vital role in determining your teeth colour, your lifestyle habits can also impact the colour. Few of the common factors which can lead to excessive teeth discolouration or thin enamel are,

  • Brushing with activated charcoal toothpaste which can be abrasive
  • Teeth grinding or bruxism
  • Brushing with baking soda
  • Brushing too vigorously with a toothbrush with firm bristles
  • Consuming too many acidic drinks or foods leading to erosion of the enamel
  • Drinking dark-coloured soda, wine, tea or coffee
  • Tooth decay
  • Excessive smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Plaque accumulation

How To Get A Whiter Smile With Minimal Cosmetic Dentistry?

Though you can use various types of teeth whitening products available in the market like mouthwash, whitening toothpastes and strips, most of them are ineffective and can damage your enamel. You can expect the desired results with professional teeth whitening services. They will consider how yellowish your teeth have become and choose a safe treatment to brighten your smile. The dentists at Cornerhouse Dental Care always choose a safe teeth whitening method so you can get stunning results without damaging your tooth enamel. They are trained extensively in the field of cosmetic and dental implant dentistry.



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