Electric Toothbrushes Versus Manual Toothbrushes - Which is a Better Option?

Brushing teeth is the basic foundation stone of oral healthcare. According to dentists, every individual irrespective of any problems must brush teeth at least twice daily. You can effectively use electric or manual brushes to brush your teeth. Remember, oral hygiene depends largely on the type of brush you use. Some people feel electric brushes are a better choice than manual brushes.

However, you have to admit that electric and manual brushes have their own pros and cons. To help you make the decision, here are a few points about the good and bad points of these two types of brushes.

Difference between electric and manual toothbrushes

Working process

Using electric toothbrushes daily helps to reduce the occurrence of plaque and gingivitis on the teeth. When you use an electric toothbrush, you’ll get a rotating or oscillating head that pokes into every corner of the mouth and removes the food. On the contrary, manual toothbrushes are ineffective enough to reach every point of the mouth. Oscillating toothbrushes work better than vibrating or manual ones.

Cost-effective solution

It might seem like an unnecessary expense initially; however, unlike the manual brushes that need to be changed every month, investing in an electric brush is a cost-effective decision. They are affordable in the long run. They usually come with good battery life, and you need to replace the head of the brush in an interval of 2/3months.

Timer options

There’s a built-in timer in an electric toothbrush. You can pre-set the time before you start brushing to estimate the time of brushing. The built-in timers in the electric brushes alert you if you have been brushing your teeth for a long time. This option is not present in a manual brush; hence, the amount of time required for maintaining oral hygiene cannot be tracked with these brushes.

Helps people with braces

Electric toothbrushes are especially helpful for people who have braces or other oral appliances. In case you’re using a manual brush, there’s a high probability that the braces might get damaged in the long run. On the contrary, an electric brush is equipped with technology that keeps the braces and other orthodontic appliances within the mouth in good condition.

Hence, although manual brushes are affordable, using electric brushes is an economical and healthier alternative.

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