Few Reasons Why Your Dental Implant May Get Stained

To replace missing teeth, dental implants can be a proper solution. They are made of porcelain, which gives them the exact look and feel of natural teeth. As a result, you get the optimum bite pressure and consume all types of food with ease.

Issues of Discolouration and Staining:

Despite functioning like actual teeth, the implants can get stained due to various factors. Consuming coloured food, failing to follow a proper oral hygiene routine, and intoxicants like tobacco can be a few major causes of teeth discolouration. Asa user of dental implants in Borehamwood, you must not forget to take proper care.

How Teeth Implants Get Stained and How to Prevent It:

Dental implants may get stained due to many reasons. We discuss them in detail in the following part of this blog.

Consuming Foods with Tannin:

Tannins are natural water-soluble polyphenols found in plant-based foods. Foods with heavy tannin concentrations can play a significant role in discolouring your teeth. This can affect your dental implants as well. Foods with high tannin include red wine, tea, coffee, and different types of berries. Rinsing your mouth instantly after consuming these foods can protect the implants from getting stained.

Tobacco Products:

It is widely known that tobacco products are immensely harmful to physical health. However, it can cause significant harm to your oral health too. If you use a dental implant, you must try to quit smoking. The residues of tobacco can cause your implant to become yellow or brown. It can also interfere with the implant healing process. It is safe to quit smoking at least a month before you book an appointment to get implants.

Failing to Take Oral Care:

To be on top of your oral health, it is important to brush your teeth twice and rinse your mouth after each meal. Failing to follow this routine may bring in various problems. The accumulation of food particles on the dental implant is the main cause of teeth discolouration. After the first few weeks of getting dental implants, you must follow this oral hygiene routine. Do not miss this routine after consuming healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

Using Abrasive Toothpaste:

Staining of implants can also be caused by abrasive toothpaste that contains chemicals. These kinds of toothpaste are notorious for creating micro-abrasions. Though these are small and practically unnoticeable, they can deteriorate the tooth’s glaze and cause them to stain badly. To tackle this problem, you can use gentle toothpaste and chemical-free oral hygiene products. In case of persistent problems, we recommend you get help from your regular dentist.

As an implant user, you must be wary of these problems and ensure your implant is not stained. If you are looking for a well-known source to get top-quality dental implants in Borehamwood, consult the experts of Cornerhouse Dental Care. Our team comprises dental experts who can offer you the highest standard of care and attention regarding your oral issues. If you want to try our service, you can visit our website today.



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