Foods and Drinks That Can Cause Serious Harm to Dental Bridges

3Among the different methods of restoring your missing teeth, dental bridges is the most effective option. They act as durable and strong restorations that replace one missing tooth or a span of teeth and fill the gap in between healthy teeth to ensure your smile’s integrity. These will help you to perform all the oral functions properly.

Why do dental bridges require proper care?

These are made of different materials which can stand strong against the wear and tear of chewing and biting. To ensure they function properly for a longer time,you must follow the right habits and promote proper oral hygiene. Here in this blog, we will help you know about the foods you should avoid to prevent their premature damage.

Sugar-filled treats

Though bacteria cannot cause much harm to the dental bridges, they can surely affect the teeth which are adjoining the bridge. If the tooth supporting the bridge is damaged due to decay, dental bridges won’t be secure anymore. Hence, they need to be replaced, and this is why sugary treats should be ideally avoided.

Sticky foods

Sticky foods like gum, caramel, and chewy candy can cause great damage to the bridges if it’s new and hasn’t bonded with adjacent teeth. These foods might stick underneath or between the bridge, leaving a few particles behind and allowing the bacteria to breed.

Hard foods such as chips and nuts

Dental bridges are mostly made of strong materials. However, you should always follow the right tips to protect them. Hard foods such as chips, nuts, and popcorn kennels can cause serious damage to them, which may develop further with time.

Coffee, cola, and wine

Dental bridges are made of materials which are resistant to stain; however, they might get discoloured over time. Consuming dark-coloured drinks such as coffee, wine,tea, and cola regularly might lead them to discolour quicker. And so, to maintain a clean look, you should try to avoid such foods.

Following the right after-care instructions to maintain the dental bridges for a longer time is always important. Hence, you should look for a reputable dental surgeon who is efficient in conducting the treatments properly and can also guide you about the different tips to maintain them. Cornerhouse Dental Care is widely known as the specialised name in offering a vast range of dental restoration treatments.For more details, consult our experts now.



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