How Can Braces Help You Fix the Overbite Issue?

An overbite is a weird and unavoidable condition where the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth or the upper teeth cover the lower teeth fully down. Many people think they can lead a normal life with the overbite problem persisting in their mouth. However, an overbite can lead to gum infections if not treated properly. Moreover, you'll face issues and difficulty with speaking if you have an over bite issue. Over time, when repeatedly the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth, your tooth enamel will tend to wear away.

Braces, on the other hand, are a saviour under such situations. Dentists suggest patients with overbite issues get braces for their well-being. To get good quality braces in Borehamwood, make sure that you visit a professional dentist. They will fix the issue and ensure your over bite problem has been solved instantly.

How to fix the overbite problem with braces?

If you have an overbite, do not worry, as it is treatable. The most effective treatment is through braces. The irregular bite pattern can be improved with braces placed on the affected tooth. The braces force the tooth back into its position and prevent it from overlapping the other teeth. This ensures that the tooth is put back into its ideal shape.

Orthodontists generally attach the braces on the upper and the lower arches of teeth. The archwire present in the braces straightens and aligns the teeth. Once the straightening process is completed, elastic bands are used on the affected teeth to shift the same to the jawline slowly.

However, the bands must be removed when eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. If you don't want the world to know you've braces, you can easily try out Invisalign. They are invisible braces with the same functionality.

How long does it take for an overbite treatment?

Orthodontists conduct X-rays on teeth to understand the condition of the teeth' position. Overbite is one of many problems. An individual might have problems like crooked teeth or over crowded teeth. Hence, depending on the extent of the problem, the orthodontist will determine the amount of time required for the over bite treatment.

Having stated the same in the above-mentioned discussion, if the individual has skeletal or root teeth problems, then braces alone are insufficient to fix the same. Again some times the orthodontist uses rubber bands along with braces to treat the over bite problem. If braces are unable to fix the overbite issue, then a surgical process is also required to get it fixed. Hence, the orthodontist should decide after checking the tooth's condition.

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