How do Braces Work to Straighten Teeth in Children?

Does your child have a crooked tooth? A misaligned jaw can be a source of low self-esteem for children. They fear to smile freely. Braces are most often the best option in that case. They are either made of ceramic, wires or bonding materials. Take your child to a professional orthodontist and get the braces to align all teeth. However, the success rates of the braces depend on the patient's age. For children, generally, it's high.

Many parents feel braces won't work fine. However, this is a myth. If braces are fixed on your teeth, they are bound to work effectively. For the perfect set of braces in Borehamwood, approach professionals.

How do braces work to straighten teeth?

Braces generally move the crooked tooth to align with the normal ones by exerting constant pressure. Since a brace is permanently fixed on the tooth, they continuously exert pressure on the crooked tooth. For those who have no clue, a membrane at the root of your teeth controls the tooth's position. Getting braces helps to straighten the tooth.

Again for the first timers, who are afraid of taking their children to the clinic, braces do not cause pain. Yes, sometimes your childmight face a mild soreness in the gums. However, if you feel uncomfortable, you can easily get your braces adjusted again by visiting the dental clinic.

Here's a brief on instilling braces in a child.

Process of braces working on teeth

Bracket adhesion

The dentists generally clean the tooth first; then they dry the same. In the next step, stainless steel brackets are attached to the teeth. You can also opt for ceramic, plastic or steel at your child's convenience.

Buccal tube

These are attached to the molar teeth and work as anchors to keep the braces in place. If you feel the braces moving, contact the orthodontist and ask him to tighten the buccal tube.

Bands for braces

Sometimes orthodontists also place elastic bands around teeth. These bands exert a sufficient amount of pressure on the jaw. This is the most traditional method of placing braces over teeth. They help the braces to fit properly in the mouth. However, children are only sometimes comfortable with the same.

Use springs for braces

The orthodontist implants archwires that connect with the previously applied brackets on the teeth. Sometimes they use different types of coils on the archwire to keep the braces fixed on the crooked tooth. These springs are quite effective as they exert pressure between two teeth. The motive is to keep them apart and add some space so that the teeth look straightened.

Use of facebow headgear

This is a rare need. Depending on the crookedness of the tooth, the orthodontist makes the decision. This is typically given to patients with more than one brace. This must be worn at night to exert special pressure on the gums while sleeping.

For proper braces in Borehamwood, approach Cornerhouse Dental Care. Book your appointments and fix your teeth alignment.



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