Importance of Good Oral Hygiene for Improvement of Gum Health

Good oral hygiene helps keep the gums healthy, removes bad breath, makes teeth strong and keeps the tongue clean. Poor oral hygiene gives rise to poor gum health, which in turn leads to serious illnesses. According to researchers, poor health hygiene can lead to problems like heart disease, diabetes and persistent health issues.

If the gums are also not cleaned and maintained properly, plaque formation which is a continuous process will cause gingivitis, inflammation and bleeding. It is formed on the enamel of teeth from the combination of sugar and food particles. Hence, you must maintain proper oral hygiene to ensure the gums remain in good condition.

To know more about the importance of oral hygiene, read on.

What are the different types of gum diseases?

There are no sure-shot signs that show you’re suffering from gum disease. However, there are prominently two stages of gum diseases: Gingivitis and Periodontitis. If you’re suffering from Gingivitis, then the surface layers of the gum will be affected. Get them treated at the earliest to avoid Periodontitis. Periodontitis is the advanced form of gum problem where the bone surrounding the teeth gets affected. In extreme cases, the dentist may have to suggest tooth removal to protect the rest of the teeth around the affected one.

Why is oral hygiene important for gum health?

Prevents health issues

Healthy gums promote complete health with in the body. The mouth serves as the door to the body. Diseases like diabetes, heart disease and mouth cancer occur due to poor oral hygiene. From the moment you start caring about your teeth, you will be able to avoid these problems. Thus, oral health hygiene is essential.

Prevents tooth loss

According to dentists, one of the primary reasons behind tooth loss is poor oral health. If you cannot keep your teeth clean, then there’s a high probability that plaque build-up over time may result in tooth loss. These result in either gum decay or gum infection. With the help of proper brushing and flossing, you can keep the teeth and gums in a healthy condition.

It helps to get a whiter smile

Pearl white teeth are desirable for many. Especially if you have a beautiful smile, then maintaining a white set of teeth helps to keep the smile intact. However, for a healthy smile, you need to maintain proper oral hygiene all the time. This helps to make the teeth whiter and will let you smile confidently.

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