Invisalign Treatment or Metal Braces- Which One to Choose For Yourself

Okay, now you are sure to have a straight, beautiful smile. The advantages are obvious as well. You will feel more confident, have less oral health issues, and look good in pictures.

But the question is whether you should go for Invisalign in Borehamwood or metal braces.

These dental treatments discussed above have benefits and help you have a beautiful smile. However, you must consult the dentist, who will suggest the best solution.

First, you must clearly explain both treatments and decide which is most suitable.

What Are Metal Braces?

They are the traditional form of braces. They are a series of brackets that are placed on your teeth. They will remain there from when the orthodontist puts them until they are taken off. They are worn when you eat, sleep and do other activities. So, there is no time when they are removed. The benefit of the metal braces is that they will always work to shift teeth to the ideal position.

Metal braces offer quicker results. They also help with other teeth misalignment issues. For example, if the tooth is placed at a 90-degree rotation, the braces will turn it to the ideal position. The metal braces have strong wires that shift the teeth easily.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a modern type of brace consisting of a series of clear aligners customised to fit your teeth and gently bring them back to the ideal position over time. Clear braces or invisaligns provide many benefits like comfort, speed and predictability.

Before you opt for this clear brace, scan your teeth digitally, and you can see how you look with straight teeth in just a few minutes. Though these clear braces take around 12-18 months on average, they can sometimes provide results within six months.

When Should You Choose Clear Braces Over Metal Ones?

There are some major reasons why most people look for Invisalign over traditional braces, and they are-

·  You want a comfortable alternative to the metal brace

·  You want to remove aligners while you are eating food and brushing your teeth

·  You are allergic to some metals found in braces, but this issue will not be there with Invisalign

·  You want to have a dental treatment that others will not notice

Hence, from the above points, you can know the difference between metal braces and Invisalign and when to use them. If you live somewhere in England and want to have Invisalign treatment, you can choose Cornerhouse Dental Care for the best services on Invisalign in Borehamwood. Please consult with our orthodontists now for detailed procedures and pricing.



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