Know The Common Causes Of Tooth Recession Before Visiting A Dentist

Did you recentlyexperience a sudden flash of pain in your teeth? It can occur due to variousreasons. One of the common causes of teeth or gum pain is tooth recession. Forsomeone not aware of the term, tooth or gum recession is the process throughwhich the margin of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth pulls back or wearsaway. As a result, the root surface of the tooth can get exposed and so causesensitivity.

In the case ofthrobbing pain in the gums or due to tooth recession, contact experienceddentists. They know the common causes and can deal with the dental issue.Neglecting tooth recession can make it more complicated over time.

Facing Tooth Recession?

Sudden Exposure To Cold Or Heat

A common symptomof recession is damage to the tooth enamel. Sensitivity can occur when thenerves in our teeth become exposed as tooth enamel wears away. You may experiencea sudden flash of pain if you eat or drink something with very high or lowtemperatures. Take a closer look and you will notice that your gums may havestarted receding at the necks of the teeth.


Age isconsidered a very common reason behind tooth recession. The layer of pink gumtissues surrounding the tooth root can start wearing as one becomes older. Gumrecession exposes the teeth roots and it becomes more vulnerable to toothinfection or decay and gum disease. Tooth recession caused due to old age canlead to various dental problems if ignored.

Tooth Infection

People oftenignore tooth recession as it lingers on the lower part of your tooth enamelwhich people fail to notice. If the gum recession has occurred due to a toothinfection, visit a reputed dentist in your city.

Enamel Erosion

You might feeldiscomfort while eating something due to dentine hypersensitivity or becausethe tooth enamel has eroded. Enamel erosion can also occur if you brush yourteeth too hard or eat a highly acidic diet. The enamel protecting your teethstarts wearing away, leading to gum recession. You might feel a sharp andstabbing pain when eating certain foods.

Since you arenow aware of the common causes behind tooth recession, visit a reputabledentist before it’s too late. The dentists at Cornerhouse Dental Care will behappy to see you to assess if you think you may have recession.



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