Let’s discussthe Causes and Treatments of Acid Erosion

Dentalerosion, also known as acid erosion, can be an issue for the teeth. Itgenerally happens when the enamel surface of the teeth wears away due to theacid present in our food and drinks. As a result, the tooth surface depletesgradually, making it sensitive and also the enamel surface can feel rough andworn.

Prevention is Better than Cure:

Weconsume different food items that are highly acidic. Stomach acid is also aleading cause of this issue. Though you cannot regrow your damaged toothenamel, you can follow some preventive measures. These will help to stop theproblem from affecting your teeth.

Causes of Acidic Erosion:

Below,you can find some reasons that can cause dental erosion:

·   Too much consumption of acidic foods, like fruit,lemon/vinegar and fizzy drinks

·   Chronic acid reflux

·   The inconsistent flow of saliva, which is a common problemfor diabetic patients causing dry mouth syndrome.

·   Genetic disorders that affect tooth development

·   Exposure of the teeth to digestive acid caused by adisruptive stomach system

Symptoms of this Dental Issue:

Thesigns of acidic erosions on your teeth can be prominent if the teeth feel roughor chipped. The enamel covering the teeth wears out and this can result insensitivity too. It also exposes the underlying dentine, making the teeth lookyellowish. It can cause fillings to fall out if too much wear happens.

Treatment of Dental Erosion:

Enamelcannot repair itself. So, when you observe dental erosion, it is necessary togo to a reputable dentist. They are experienced personnel who can fix thisissue quite easily.

Theycan determine the damage and suggest you some useful treatments, which arediscussed in detail below.

·  Most dentists choose dental bonding. It is an effectivetreatment that can prevent the discolouration of your teeth due to acidicerosion. The dentist applies resin to the stained and damaged teeth. Thematerial matches the colour of the tooth and has protective properties. Afterapplying this the teeth are protected.

·  If you visit the dentist with severely damaged teeth, theywill provide a different treatment. They may add a Veneer or Crown if too muchtooth structure has been lost.

Ourdentists are highly qualified for this job and can provide great advice to cureyour problem. Contact us today to know more.



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