An easy way to improve your overall health is with a full set of healthy teeth. A missing tooth can lead to various issues, irrespective of why you have lost it. It can impact your teeth’s alignment in the long run. Tooth loss can compromise your oral health if you fail to visit a dentist at the right time. They will assess your oral health and let you know whether you can replace your missing teeth with dental implants, dentures or bridges.

Few Ways Missing Teeth Can Impact Your Oral Health

Bone Loss

The loss of a healthy jawbone is a very common issue that occurs due to missing teeth. Teeth are used to bite, tear and chew food, and also keep the bones healthy. If you have lost a tooth because of gum disease, tooth extraction or injury, the jawbone in that area will stop receiving stimuli. There is a high chance for your jawbone to deteriorate if you fail to treat your missing tooth. The bone’s height surrounding your missing tooth will shrink away over time.

Tooth Decay

Brushing and flossing will become a challenge if you have one or more missing teeth in your mouth. As a result, plaque might start forming and lead to tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease. You won’t be able to improve the plaque with dental aides or electric toothbrushes if you don’t take proper steps to prevent plaque formation. An easy way to deal with tooth loss is dental implants.

Chewing Becomes Challenging

If you fail to replace your molar teeth at the right time, chewing on hard food like crackers and nuts might become impossible for you. Acidic food becomes more challenging in the absence of a front or incisor tooth. You become more dependent on the remaining teeth and start overusing them.

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