Since the smile on your face is one of the first things people notice when they meet you, everyone wants to make it flawless. The easiest way to achieve this is with teeth whitening services. Our teeth become yellow or pale grey as we grow. The shades penetrate the teeth enamel and leave stains behind. There are numerous dental clinics scattered in Borehamwood you can visit for a brighter smile. Their dentists will assess the condition of your teeth and suggest a suitable tooth whitening product. But before you start using them, there are a few things about teeth whitening you should definitely know.

4 Unique Facts About Teeth Whitening Products

  • The Strength Of Every Product Differs

Though a majority of the teeth whitening products available in the market are quite effective, their strength differs. The result is also dependent on how long you are leaving them on your teeth. The gel trays and dental strips are specially designed to remove dirt and debris from your teeth and restore the tooth enamel. Hydrogen peroxide present in these products releases oxygen molecules which react with the staining materials and remove them. Though they work the same way, the strength of hydrogen or cabamide peroxide differs.

  • Some Products Are Sensitive

If you don’t want the teeth whitening product you are using to deteriorate the condition of your teeth even further, use products suggested by your dentist. They know that some people are more sensitive than others. Your dentist will consider how stained your teeth are, your lifestyle and needs before suggesting the best product. They know the ingredients and chemicals used to make them. When you are aware of the after-effects, choosing the right product becomes easier.

  • The Result Don’t Last Forever

Even if you have approached the best dental clinic for teeth whitening in Borehamwood, you have to understand that whitening doesn’t last forever. The best person who can help you make an informed choice is your dentist. They know that the effects last for a month or a year depending on the type of product you are using. You will be surprised to know that you can get noticeably whiter teeth just by making some minor changes in your brushing techniques or getting them cleaned by professionals and also making sure that you top up from time to time after the initial whitening process.

  • Your Natural Tooth Shades Vary

One of the primary reasons why you should always consult a dentist before whitening your teeth is because the natural tooth shade of every individual is different. Few common factors which impact the colour of your teeth are the shade of the dentin, the thickness of the enamel and your age. The tone of your teeth can be yellow, tan, brown or grey.

This being said, it’s time you visit a reputed dental clinic offering a wide range of teeth whitening services and choose one which suits your needs



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