Periodontal diseases are more complicated than you think as they often lead to tooth loss or loss of bone around the teeth. The gum disease starts with sore or inflamed gums and this is called gingivitis. As bone starts to be lost around the teeth and the underlying jawbone containing the teeth sockets and its roots, we refer to it as periodontal disease. Visit a caring dental clinic and they will let you know why your overall oral health is so important. As far as bone loss around your teeth is concerned, there are a few natural ways you can avoid the issue.

What Causes Loss Of Bone Around Your Teeth?

Preventing bone loss around the teeth will become easier if you are aware of the common reasons of why it happens. Periodontal disease when ignored can lead to inflammation of the gums. The issue can spread from the gum line to the bones supporting your teeth structure. As the gum starts receding, a gap might develop between the gum and your tooth where plaque gets trapped. As a result, your teeth might eventually start becoming loose due to increasing bone loss. If the disease progresses even further then teeth can fall out or need to be extracted as abscesses can occur from gum infections. Loss of bone around the teeth can also occur due to tooth infections from dental implants.

4 Natural And Effective Tips To Prevent Bone Loss Around Your Teeth

  • Take Care Of Your Dental Health

Just brushing your teeth twice every day isn’t sufficient. Make sure you are using a fluoride toothpaste and a toothbrush with a small head. Ideally an electric toothbrush is recommended. Visit a reputed dental clinic to assess your overall oral health at least twice every year. A trained hygienist will help to maintain and educate in good oral hygiene measures. Remove food debris from between your teeth by using dental floss or interdental brushes once every day. Spit after brushing your teeth instead of rinsing. Rinsing our toothpaste will wash away the protective fluoride left by the toothpaste. It helps in reducing the amount of acid on our teeth and strengthen the tooth enamel.

  • Include Calcium And Vitamin D In Your Diet

Both calcium and vitamin D are very vital for your bone health. People who have osteoporosis have a slightly higher risk of bone loss around their teeth. The easiest way to maintain bone density is by including more calcium-rich items in your diet. You can take a calcium supplement or start having milk, kale, cheese, sardines or watercress daily. As far as vitamin D is concerned, it is necessary for our bones to absorb the calcium. A few food items rich in vitamin D are oily fish, egg yolks, meat and dairy products.

  • Quit Smoking And Control Your Blood Sugar

People who smoke are more prone to develop periodontal diseases as it increases the production of plaque and reduces bone mass. Two primary factors behind tooth loss are smoking and age. If you want to prevent periodontitis, you have to learn how to keep your blood sugar under control. According to a survey, almost one out of three patients who have diabetes has periodontitis. A great way of reducing blood sugar levels is by walking.

  • Choose The Right Dental Clinic

Though there are numerous dental clinics scattered all over the UK, it is your responsibility to choose one providing the highest quality dental treatments. An experienced dentist or hygienist will share preventive techniques to maintain optimum oral health as this is the foundation required to keep your teeth for life.



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