Teeth Sensitivity to Cold and How to treat it

Are you experiencing a shiver in your teeth when you sip your glass of cold water?

Do you tend to ignore the idea of having ice cream?

Then you are definitely suffering from sensitive teeth.

What is this sensitivity?

Teeth sensitivity can be defined as the symptom where you feel mild to severe discomfort while consuming hot or cold foods and drinks. It is a very common problem that can affect anyone. Medically, this issue is known as dentine hyper sensitivity. Recent studies observed that at least 10-30% of the general population suffer from dental sensitivity to cold.

Some Causes of Hypersensitivity:

Hyper sensitivity may be triggered due to various reasons. Some of these are mentioned here:

· Tooth Decay

· Gum Disease

· Brushing with too much pressure

· Consumption of Acidic Foods

· Poor Oral Hygiene

· Abrasive dental care products

Until you take care of these problems and go for proper treatment, you will continue feeling the pain in your teeth. The pain may suddenly strike you when you have an acute injury to one of your teeth.

Exposure of the root surface on your teeth

Exposure of the root surface is the primary reason for hypersensitivity in your teeth. This can be gradual as the protective enamel layer at the neck of the tooth erodes. The enamel protects the tooth from the effects of heat and cold. Ignorance in dental care can cause the depletion of this layer, which exposes the dental root. It gets in contact with whatever food you eat and reacts causing acute pain.

How to Treat this Problem?

There are several home remedies that you can try to reduce the sensitivity of your teeth. You can try them if you experience hypersensitivity in the initial stages. However, it’s better to visit a dentist if the problem persists for along time. The popular treatments for hypersensitivity are discussed here.

· Some home remedies that can ease the symptoms are saltwater rinsing, applying sensitive toothpaste over the affected area. Using a softer toothbrush will also help.

· If you visit a dentist, you should tell them everything about your sensitive teeth. They can provide treatment accordingly. Bonded fillings, Gum grafting and Root Canal Treatment are some treatments that maybe required.

If you want to return to your normal life and enjoy your drinks and ice cream, you should treat the problem with a top dental service provider. Visit Cornerhouse Dental Care, where you can get the attention of professional dentists. Check our website for more details.




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