Teeth Whitening Vs. Teeth Bleaching - What's the Difference Between Both?

Everyone craves milky white teeth. A smile seems brighter only when the teeth are white and stain-free. You'll come across a range of products billed as "teeth whitening" or "teeth bleaching" in the market. Are they truly useful? Dentists never advise DIY teeth whitening methods. Chemicals are harmful to the teeth' enamel. They can damage your texture.

Again, for those who don't know, teeth whitening and teeth bleaching are not the same. If they are not the same, then which is more feasible? To get an answer to this question, read on.

Differences between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching

Teeth bleaching is an easy process of getting a white set of teeth. The solutions used for teeth bleaching generally contain high amounts of hydrogen peroxide. However, dental products used for teeth whitening do not contain hydrogen peroxide. The word ‘bleach’ is misleading. Some people think teeth-bleaching solutions have high chlorine content, which is false.

Regarding the professional teeth whitening process, bleaching is not a preferred option. While practising, dentists generally remove stains and restore the natural shade of teeth through teeth whitening. If you plan to go further, teeth bleaching is a more feasible choice. Here chemical solutions are used not only to clean the teeth's enamel but also to lighten the colour of the teeth. With bleaching, you can go beyond your natural teeth's colour.

Difference between teeth whitening and a bleaching product

With the help of over-the-counter medicines or medicated toothpaste, you can get rid of stains and make your teeth white. With teeth whitening products, you can remove stains caused by wine, coffee and tobacco. If you opt for teeth bleaching treatment,the hydrogen peroxide level is higher in the chemical solutions.

Both bleaching and whitening treatments are administered in the dental clinic. You can also opt for laser treatment for better results. Don't get either of the two done by non-professional or non-certified people, as this might result in permanent damage.


You need to pay multiple visits to the dental clinic for accurate results from bleaching treatments. On the other hand,teeth whitening is a quick and easy method. You can easily get rid of the stains within a single visit. Choose as per your convenience and need.

For effective results from a teeth whitening treatment, fix your appointment with Cornerhouse Dental Care at the earliest. To know more,check our website.



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