The overall structure of your teeth might weaken due to tooth enamel erosion. It also increases the chances of dental chips, cracks, tooth decay and tooth infection. Numerous people visit dental clinics every year to treat tooth enamel erosion. The dentist will let you know the common causes of acid erosion on teeth and share a few tips to repair your damaged teeth. The objective is to protect your beautiful smile and boost your confidence.

Acid Erosion on Teeth- 3 Common Causes Have Been Stated Below

Excess Consumption of Sugary or Acidic Food

Your tooth’s enamel can slowly start wearing away if you drink or consume food or beverages with excess sugar or acid. Once you notice that your tooth enamel has started eroding, you should reduce consumption of sugary food or eliminate it. Most of the enamel erosion happens because of the food we eat. Few changes you can make in your diet are avoiding sipping fruit juices/lemon water or fizzy drinks and snacking on sugary sweets. These food items sit on your teeth for a long time. Also high amounts of fruit will also cause erosion especially if consumed too frequently throughout the day.

Chronic Dry Mouth

The primary task of the saliva in our mouth is to break down the food we eat so that it helps in the digestive process. It also helps neutralise plaque, which is the acidic by-product of the bacteria in our mouth. If you have chronic dry mouth, your body might become incapable of producing a sufficient amount of saliva. It will expose your teeth to high acidity levels and damage the enamel.

Acid Reflux

Chronic acid reflux is a very common cause of tooth erosion. It is also known as Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and exposes the outer layer of your tooth to damaging stomach acid. Even if you have the strongest tooth enamel, acid reflux can lead to acid erosion on your teeth and you have to visit a dental clinic to treat the issue. It is easy to identify tooth erosion caused by GERD as weakening of teeth or enamel wear generally starts from the palatal surfaces of the teeth.

Since you are now aware of the common causes of acid erosion on the tooth, make sure you avoid them and visit a reputable dental clinic like Cornerhouse Dental Care to treat these dental issues.



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