Are you suffering from pain due to a severely cracked or broken tooth and don’t want to deal with messy denture adhesive? An easy way to treat your dental problem/s is with dental implants. Millions of people worldwide have chosen dental implants to treat their dental problems. Though the treatment has a high success rate, make sure you choose a reputable dental clinic like Cornerhouse Dental Care offering the service. Their dentists will advise and inform you if dental implants are a good option for you. Neglecting these signs can complicate your dental problem even further.

3 Warning Signs Indicating That You Need Dental Implants

Broken Or Severely Cracked Tooth

You might not require a dental implant if you fix the cracked or broken tooth in your mouth with standard restorative filling techniques. If the damage is serious, you may need the tooth extracted and a dental implant is then a very good option to consider. Let your dentist evaluate your dental condition, and they will let you know whether you will require a dental implant. Though they always try to save the maximum tooth structure, tooth extraction will be necessary if the damage is beyond repair.

One Or More Teeth Missing

No one wants to walk around with missing teeth as it can lead to embarrassment if others can see the space while speaking or laughing. Choose dental implants if you don’t want to feel ashamed because of missing teeth. The implant will fill the vacant space where the actual tooth was located. Cornerhouse Dental Care has years of experience in providing dental implants and ensures that they can blend well with your natural teeth so you can look and feel great.

Loose-Fitting Denture

You might have to deal with loose dentures if you fail to choose the right clinic for your dental treatment. Get dental implants instead of dentures if you don’t want to deal with loose dentures daily. They are considered to be a better and hassle-free alternative. You don’t have to worry that your dentures will fall out in public while you are eating, laughing or talking. You don’t even have to stay conscious about your teeth all the time. Dental Implant retained dentures are also an option to make full dentures more secure if you are suffering with loose dentures.

If you ever notice any of the warning signs stated above, get in touch with the experienced dentists at Cornerhouse Dental Care for dental implants.



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