What Is the Role of a Dental Hygienist in Borehamwood?

Are you concerned about the hygiene of your teeth? Then visit a dental hygienist in Borehamwood immediately. However, many people walk to the dentist for advice on hygiene matters. There's a striking difference between the role of a dentist and a dental hygienist. You can visit a dentist with all your problems as they are certified doctors. However, a hygienist is not a doctor and cannot help you with tooth decay and surgeries.

If you need help only with teeth cleaning services, then a dental hygienist can do the job for you. Like dentists, hygienists play an equally important role in improving a patient's well-being; if you're still confused, here're the common responsibilities of a dental hygienist.

5 common responsibilities of a dental hygienist

Checks dental health and history

Before the dentist checks your teeth, the hygienist will take note of the patient's health history, dental history, brushing habits, medications, allergies and oral problems. They will consult with the patient and offer a customised dental treatment plan for the patient. Along with the dental history, the hygienist will also examine the patient minutely. They will take a quick look at the head, gums, neck, mouth, and tongue to understand the persisting oral problems.

Conducts dental x rays

The hygienist's task is to conduct dental x-rays so they can spot problems, cavities, gum diseases and even oral infections as early as possible. This is a common part of the job that dental hygienists play.

Advice on preventive care

This is the major function of a hygienist. They take a proactive approach in helping the patients learn about the preventive treatments that should be undertaken to control decay and improve a protective covering on teeth.

Performs dental cleaning service

Hygienists use various tools and techniques that help remove the stains, plaque, tartar and cavities from the teeth and clear the enamel of the teeth. With the help of hygienists, you can get a bright and beautiful smile and maintain the overall health of your teeth.

Advice on good dental hygiene

You can also get good advice on how to manage and maintain good hygiene for your teeth. Hygienists have proper knowledge that helps patients to build and maintain perfect dental health. They have the proper set of techniques as well for good dental health.

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