What Is The Role of Dental Implants In Solving TMJ Issues?

Temporomandibularjoint(TMJ) problems can causediscomfort and put a bad toll on someone’s life. TMJ issues are also related topain and difficulty chewing food and moving the jaws. If you suffer from TMJissues, you will be uncomfortable eating, speaking and sleeping.

While many traditional treatments exist for this issue, dental implants are considered one of the promising treatments in reducing pain caused by TMJ issues, restoring oral function and improving quality of life.

What Do You Understand By TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint connects the jawbone with the skull, initiating smooth jaw movement when you chew food and speak. However, TMJ-related issues are caused by many factors like misalignment, trauma, teeth grinding, stress and missing teeth. This results in pain, discomfort and immobility of the jaws. All these affect the well-being of an individual.

Traditional TMJ treatments include physical therapy, pain management, and dental adjustments. Though these methods provide a temporary cure for pain, they mainly focus on symptoms of management rather than dealing with the issue directly. However, the dental implant is the right option if the missing tooth is the major reason for your TMJ issue.

How Dental Implants Help to Treat TMJ Issues?

Dental implants provide a unique and innovative process to resolve TMJ issues. Missing teeth generally put huge pressure on jaws and facial muscles. You can restore alignment and occlusion by replacing your missing teeth with dental implants.

Here Are Some of the Ways How Dental Implants Help

If you are planning to use dental implants to reduce the pain caused by TMJ issues, here are reasons to make you confident-

Better Alignment and Stability:

Dental implants from Borehamwood act as the strong anchor for prosthetic teeth. The implants ensure stability and the right positioning of teeth within the oral cavity. The improved bite alignment helps to redistribute the force during chewing.

Restoring Jaw Function and Natural Teeth

Patients who are suffering from TMJ issues struggle while speaking for jaw misalignment. The implants offer a stable foundation for the prosthetic teeth and facilitate natural speech. People can communicate clearly with dental implants.

Reduce Teeth Grinding

Bruxism or teeth grinding is one of the common issues that give rise to TMJ issues. Here, dental implants offer durability and strength to with stand the pressure caused by excessive grinding.

Dental implants are designed to fuse the jawbone through the process of implant fixation. With effective care and regular dental visits, you can reduce TMJ pain and gain comfort with dental implants.

Dental implants provide a promising and permanent solution if you are suffering from a TMJ problem. To have the best dental service, consult the team from Cornerhouse Dental Care. To make an appointment, feel free to contact us. Your treatment is our utmost priority.



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